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    Mod is developing by Russian team but will support English language soon. This topic is posted at the request of the author, he doesn't speak English (English isn't his native language). I will be glad to see translations in the other languages instead of English. We are thanking the autors of the OSP's used in this module, the list of them is under that text. If you don't like the using of your OSP in that module, you are able to write about that. If we forgot to mention somebody or something is written incorrect - write to us here and we'll correct it. Mod can be placed everywhere but only with the link to the homepage at

    Mod is desined for last Warband's versions and tells player about period of conquest of Siberia by Yermak. Players will be able to attend Yermak or join Siberian Khanate. It won't be a historical module down details and author don't actually plan to implement that. Some things aren't strictly historical, it is done to save the game balance. Global map, units' equipment and weapons meets with current epoch. There are also historial personalities of 1581—1585 years. Factions was created as prototypes of people living in Siberia in that historical period. There are Siberian Khanate, Rus and some local nomads' factions. There is new music dominated by Russian and Mongolian motifs. New scenes will give you an opportunity to take a look at stone fortress as well as old-Russian log cabins. Author plans to add Diplomacy module and some new quests. There is early version on the homepage but it has no english translation. You also can check some troop trees and a little video.

    new world map
    another factions(work in progress)
    modified troop trees
    new equipment for troops
    changed lords
    new scenes
    improver graphics
    new models
    chance to become a mercenary

    Kirill_ForestRanger - Autor of the idea, Project Lead, Module sistem, Scening.
    Leffka - Modelling.
    Dmitry194 - OSP finder, History consultant.
    Lord Jamestown - Modelling, Texturing.
    Александр Подводный - Scening.
    AngelMoore - Language consultant.
    MaxRiper1 - Scening.
    nohead - special Support, helping and inspiration
    Flintlock Firearms OSP
    Graphical Pack
    [OSP] Ultimate 17th Century Pack
    Narf's Rus Armour Pack
    20150525 Ворота и укрепления
    Some Vietnamese items
    Русь XIII Век



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